Mark Allen, Cowboy Comedian

Even thou Mark grew up in New York he has become an accomplished Trick Roper, Gun Spinner, Whip Cracker and Horseman.

People always ask Mark “how did a kid from NY become such an accomplished horseman?” Marks answer was “You may not think we have a lot of horses in New York. According to the Dept. of the Interior, New York has over 250,000 head. Yeah, we just got the heads...... the bodies are over in New Jersey somewhere!"

Las Vegas Comedy FestivalLike most young cowboys, Mark went west. He moved to Las Vegas. What do you think happened? Mark says, “They followed me out here...... they built the New York, New York Hotel. It’s just like NY, I drove up in front and instead of valet parking my car, 2 guys came out and stripped it!”

Marks cowboy skills and New York sense of humor have given him the title of ‘Will Rogers with an Attitude’.

He has appeared on leading Comedy Club stages throughout the country, as well as MCing many comedy events. Mark is also one of the producers of the Las Vegas Comedy Festival.

For booking info, please call Mark Allen: 702.296.8586