Famed Western Performer, Mark Allen has instructed hundreds of students in the skills of the cowboy. Raised by a pack of old Vaudevillian and Wild West Show Performers, Mark feels lucky to have been taught by the best and now he passes that information, along with 40+ years experience, on to you. If you would like to see Mark in action please visit

Mark has produced instructional videos on:

These DVD's will help you get started but if you really want to take things to the next level give Mark a call at 702.296.8586

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Whip Cracking

If you have seen Zorro, Indiana Jones, or any movie with a whip you know how exciting this skill can be. Stuntmen, Actors, Performers and Enthusiasts come from all over the world to learn from Mark.

Mark has been giving whip cracking lessons for over 25 years and is the official whip coach for the Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas.

Mark Allen is famous for being able to get fast and more proficient results and is considered to be one of the best whip target marksman in the industry.

Whip Cracking DVDDVD available here!

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Knowing how to sit on a horse is only half the battle. Mark grew up with the Horse Nazi rules "Safety, Safety, Safety". Remember more old west cowboys were killed by their own horses then by bad guys or the elements.

Mark teaches the rider the relationship between a cowboy and his horse starting from the ground up. If you just want to look good on camera or in an arena, why not learn from the best.

Horsemanship DVDDVD available here!

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Trick Roping

Roping the kids in!So you want to spin a rope? Mark started trick roping at the age of 10. By 18, he was performing in Wild West Shows all over the world. It's one thing to just be a good trick roper and another to actually know how to teach it. Mark can get you started on the basics and you'll be amazed at how fast your skills will grow.

If you want to be another Will Rogers or Montie Montana this is the place to start.

Trick Roping DVDDVD available here!

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Gun Spinning

Mark is probably best known for his gun spinning. He has performed gun spinning in front of some of the most famous people in the world.

Chuck Connors said he was the best he had ever seen.

You can learn every trick in the book but the real trick is putting together a smooth routine. If you are ready for the basics or want to just hone your skills now is the time to start!

Gun Spinning DVDDVD available here!